Going green with your home is a huge trend that has emerged in recent years, and it’s not surprising given the long-term benefits for both the community and homeowners. At North Homes, we understand the value of green building and take steps to incorporate green techniques in every phase of the building process. From our sustainable building techniques to our eco-friendly products, we are committed to excellence as an Indiana Home Builder.   

Here are four reasons why you should consider building a green custom home in Indiana.

1.) Reduce Environmental Footprint

Owning a green home can significantly reduce your environmental footprint because the building process involves the use of materials that are reclaimed, renewable, or recycled. This process is also designed to use the least amount of materials possible by eliminating unnecessary materials and incorporating efficient designs. In doing so, you’ll be able to lessen your impact on resource pollution and reduce the amount of waste.

2.) Save Money

As mentioned above, the use of these eco-friendly building materials is relatively inexpensive, which means it’ll also help you save money during the construction process. Not only that, but the incorporation of features such as solar panels and energy-efficient appliances will help you save money. Additions such as these do initially require a pricey investment, but they’ll help you save money over time as you conserve energy.

3.) Qualify for Tax Credits and Deductions

In recent years, the federal government has developed tax incentives to encourage homeowners to invest in more green buildings. Some of these incentives can include things like temporary property tax exemptions, rebates, and discounts on permit fees. In addition, state and local governments also provide tax credits and deductions, so it’s best to double-check this before proceeding with construction on your green home.

4.) Higher Market Value

Nowadays, having sustainable features in a home is more appealing to buyers than your usual standard homes. With that, you’ll be able to boost the market value of your house because green homes provide less maintenance and utility costs in comparison to traditionally built homes.

As your Indiana Home Builder, North Homes offers a wide variety of green building opportunities to fit your needs.  If you’re considering building a green custom home in Hamilton County, Boone County and Hendricks County, we’d love to help you!  Get started with us today by calling us at 765-482-2444 or request information here.