Building greener with north homes

Many North Homes clients are interested in building “Green”or being “Earth Friendly”. We can take extra steps to incorporate green building techniques, and products to your custom home in every stage of the building process (Go Green from your landscaping by using the natural setting of the property by using the sun and wind, to installing energy-efficient appliances , and everything in between).

There are many reasons to consider building green.

Desire to help the environment
Creating a healthier living environment for you and your family
Reducing monthly energy costs
Tax break incentives
Meet “green” certification levels
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The reasons for building green with North Homes:

Michael North is a Certified Green Builder
Energy Star Partner
Research on options and assistance in determining your return on investment
Assistance in keeping up to date on green options as they become available and cost effectiveness
Recycling of construction waste
Using products that do not put a strain on the environment
To provide healthy indoor air quality with proper ventilation
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Building green with North Homes incorporates considerations for all aspects of your home’s life cycle.

Lot Selection
Home Orientation
Green Products
Application of Green Construction Practices
Ongoing Maintenance of a Green Home
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Home certifications currently available:

Energy Star Compliance
NAHB National Green Building Program
LEED (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum)
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North Homes can help you wade through the myriad of green building opportunities
to choose those that matter the most to you. The top 5 most important energy efficiency options are :


High-efficiency HVAC equipment


E glass windows


reduced air infiltration


energy- efficient appliances


Energy Star Certification

Why Build Green

While Building Green may cost more up front, it reduces your environmental footprint, saves money on utilities, and possibly offers tax credits or deductions. What are important aspects and features to you when building your environmentally friendly custom home?

See the checklist below to help you clarify your green build options

Energy and Water Efficiency

    • Solar Panels
    • Wind Turbine
    • Geothermal Heating & Cooling
    • House Wrap (Tyvek)
    • Insulation (Spray Foam in all wall cavities)
    • SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels)
    • ICF (Insulated Concrete Form)
    • Manifold Plumbing System
    • Low Flow Toilets and other plumbing fixtures
    • Water Recycling Pump
    • Low-e Windows (.33) Rating Energy Star
    • Motion Exhaust Fan
    • Occupancy/Motion Sensors
    • Automatic Daylight Dimming Controls
    • 1.2 GPM Faucet Aerators
    • Energy Star Appliances
    • Tank Less Water Heater(In- line)
    • Solar Water Heating System
    • Irrigation Zoned
    • Rain Gage
    • 17.5 Seer Heat Pumps
    • Live Roof
    • Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
    • South Facing Windows
    • Radiant Floor Heating
    • High-Efficiency furnaces
    • Doors that are steel or textured Fiberglass that are foam filled
    • Appliances that are Enegry Star

Indoor Air Quality

  • Glue Water Base (No VOC)
  • Lock Seal Can Lighting
  • Exhaust Fans in Garage & Kitchen
  • Exhaust Fans on Motion Detectors
  • Direct Vent Fireplaces
  • Low VOC Paints and Caulk
  • Recovered Air Systems
  • Electronic Air Cleaner


  • Recycled Products
  • Renewable Materials
  • Salvaged, Reclaimed, or Refurbished Materials

Low Impact

  • Recycled Perimeter Drains
  • Local materials
  • Local labor
  • Construction Debris Recycled

Less Waste

  • 2 x 4 headers (Non bearing Walls)
  • Pre Cut Floor Systems
  • Recycled Drywall
  • Built-in Recycling Center

Less maintenance & Durable Products with less impact on the environment

  • LP Smart Siding
  • Composite Decking
  • Cork Flooring
  • Leather Floor
  • Ceramic or stone flooring
  • Bamboo Floor
  • LED lights
  • CRI Green label certified carpeting

“North Homes is very knowledgeable regarding all phases of the building process and, most importantly, they are honest in the expectations/timelines provided. We are very pleased to have had them build us 2 homes.”

- Johnna & Allen Bridges

“Michael and Charlie provided a level of comfort and trust that we would expect form family, not a business”

- The Holloways

“Their motto is "Truth in Building" This is not a simply marketing slogan, it is the foundational principal of their firm.”

- Kim and Rick Hartman

“From the moment we walked through the door we felt like we were part of their family.”

- Stephanie and Greg Watkins

“I have been in other houses built after ours, and the quality is no match to what North Homes has built for us. Everyone that walks into our house is very impressed.”

- Dan and Sara Beauchamp

“I still have empty kitchen cabinets! WOW I never had enough space let alone too much before. We Planned right.”

- Pat Alcorn and Tim Russell

“When we ran into Michael at the home show and found out that North Homes actually could do our large addition, we stopped looking for anyone else.”

- Betty, Scott, and Zane Bishop

“All have asked the builders name, and I was very honored to pass it along.”

- Bill and Pam McIntyre

“I couldn't be happier with the quality of my home and all of the efforts that you have made to make this an enjoyable experience.”

- Elaine Ash

“This has been a once in a lifetime experience for us and part of that was working side bt side with Michael and Charlene, helping us to make our vision a reality.”

- Greg, Pam and Amber Summers

“Our experience with building with North Homes was better than excellent!!! We could never re-pay them for what they have done for us!!”

- Pat and Cheryl Ebaugh

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