If you’re a Hoosier like the rest of us, you know there’s more to Indiana than just cornfields. Indiana is the backdrop to idyllic childhoods filled with bike rides, walking trails, and a true sense of community. And even as progress changes the landscape with every decade, the spirit of Indiana lives on. 

We’re highly sentimental, and perhaps a little biased about Indiana but that’s why we think it’s the perfect place to put down roots. What better way to do exactly that than by partnering with a custom home builder like North Custom Homes to create the house of your dreams?  

Choose Your Location

The first step is to figure out where in central Indiana you want to live. Indianapolis is great; it offers a lot of attractions and entertainment for the whole family, but when it comes to choosing a place to plant roots, we like to look to the surrounding counties.  

Hamilton County was ranked by Niche.com as the best County in Indiana to live in as well as the best County in which to buy a home. With a population of 316,095, Hamilton County is known for its great public schools and family atmosphere. 

On the same Niche list, Boone County comes in at third place as a great place to live in Indiana. With a much smaller population than Hamilton County, Boone County’s residents mostly own homes, also ranking as the second-best place to buy a home in Indiana.

Hendricks County is near the top of the Niche.com list of best counties in Indiana for families. With a population a little over 160,000, Hendricks County has a median home value of about $180,000, according to Niche.com.

As someone considering central Indiana, you should also research Johnson County and Hancock County. They may not be all the way at the top of Niche.com lists like the other three, but they still have unique features that could make them perfect locations for your family.

Decide on Building vs Buying

Once you figure out where you want to live in central Indiana, the next decision to make is whether you’ll buy or build your home. 

Buying an existing home is certainly faster and, in some cases, easier than building a brand new home. However, building a mew custom home gives you the chance to finally have a home that truly reflects your family’s personality and needs. Building your own home means you don’t have to make any of the concessions that home buyers often have to make simply because available homes don’t have certain features. 

Find a Partner 

Whether you’re buying or building, we recommend finding a professional partner, like North Homes,  that can help make the process smooth and efficient. 

If you decide to build, choose a company that knows the area, has extensive experience in custom home building, and provides a personalized experience to make sure your vision is reflected every step of the way. If there’s ever a time to make sure your vision is truly seen and understood, it’s when you’re investing in a custom home. 

Building a Custom Home in Central Indiana

Whether you’re a transplant looking for the best place to put down roots in Indiana, an out-of-stater who’s considering a move to our great state, or a lifelong resident, we want to help you plant roots. If you’re ready to build the custom home of your dreams, we’d love to partner with you.

Start your journey with a custom home builder in central Indiana by requesting a free consultation with our team of experts here at North Homes. Call us at 765-482-2444 or request information here.