Thinking of building a custom home? One of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing the right lot for your home. Selecting the perfect location for your custom home means you have to consider factors like community, geography, and utilities. 



Considering your community when planning the location of your custom home is crucial. Some like to build in neighborhoods, that have their own cultures with their values and customs and are often closer to schools, restaurants, and more. If you prefer a quieter lifestyle, however, then you may want to consider a rural community that is farther away from the city center. Rural lots provide peaceful environments with limited pollution, privacy, and spacious properties. Additional considerations would be the upkeep, value, and desirability of the neighborhood and its lots. Your neighborhood should match your lifestyle.



Geography or the features of your lot are important for the building process. Before buying your lot, you should evaluate the slope, which can influence drainage, impacting the foundation, driveways, and landscaping. Additionally, you should consider whether the lot has the orientation and view that you’re looking for. Will you be able to have the outdoor kitchen? Is the home south-facing so you can utilize solar panels?



Amenities are important when considering where to build your custom home. You’ll want to confirm what utilities are available, so you can factor that into your budget. Lots closer to urban areas often have more amenities, while those in more rural areas will have fewer options. Utilities to consider include municipally supplied water, sewage and gas, cable television, and internet. 


Your lot can make or break your custom build. With the right lot, your neighborhood, yard, and amenities should match your lifestyle. Find the perfect lot and make your custom home yours from the ground up. 


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