What does it mean to have an energy-efficient home? Energy efficiency means that your home offers luxury comforts on a lower level of energy. Now you may be wondering, what exactly makes a custom home more energy-efficient, and where do I even begin? Here at North Homes, we can help you wade through the myriad of green building opportunities to choose those that matter the most to you. Here are 4 reasons why building a custom home in central Indiana is more energy-efficient: 

1.) Location and Landscaping

When you build a custom home, you are not only able to choose the location of your house, but also where your house is located within your plot of land. You want to make sure that your house is in an area that is naturally protected from weather elements to make your house more energy-efficient. One way to help protect your home from the elements is how you landscape your custom home. Be sure to allow water to flow away from the foundation of the house through proper grading. It is also important to add trees and bushes to break the wind and add shade which lowers the energy needed to heat and cool your home. This will ensure that your house is more energy-efficient and reduces the amount of energy you use.

2.) Air sealing, insulation, and windows

When you are building a custom home in central Indiana, make sure that all exterior walls, doors, and windows are air-sealed properly. Insulation helps prevent outside air from coming in, and inside air from leaving. Insulation technology has vastly improved over the years which means you will use way less energy to heat or cool your home than older homes. New insulation technology gives you different options to choose from depending on the type of building and materials used. You will also be able to keep your house at a steady temperature more than older homes. Along with new insulation technology, new window techniques also help keep air in and reduce the energy used from changing the thermostat. In older homes, people adjust the thermostat frequently to make up for the excess airflow, but newer homes are built with multi-pane vinyl windows with secure seals to keep air from escaping. When you build a custom home in central Indiana, your home will be more energy-efficient and your long-term costs will be lower.

3.) Appliances that save

New energy-efficient technology cuts down electricity, gas, or water usage in some way. These appliances tend to last longer and save energy. All basic appliances in new homes are more energy-efficient, reduce your spending, and help the environment in ways that are not applicable to older homes.  If you have questions about specific appliances, be sure to reach out to North Homes!

4.) Innovative options

When you build a custom home in central Indiana, you have the opportunity to lower your costs. You have the power to choose what you want for your custom home, and there are plenty of options at your fingertips. You can install solar panels, wind generators, and rainwater harvesting systems, or even a “cool roof.”

Building green requires a larger investment upfront, but it saves your family more money in the long run. It also reduces your environmental footprint and offers opportunities for potential tax credits or deductions. What are the important aspects and features you want to focus on in an environmentally-friendly custom home? Our team at North Homes is ready to help. Contact us here to learn more about how we can build your energy-efficient custom home!