With new advancements in technology, our ability to incorporate it into our daily lives has grown exponentially. From your local grocery store to your work, technology is everywhere–and that includes your custom home.

Seamlessly incorporating smart home technology into your home has many benefits, such as:

  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Accommodating accessibility needs
  • Improving security
  • More! 

Smart home technology brings running your household to new levels of convenience, giving you more time to do the things that matter. 

Improve Energy Efficiency

When choosing the appropriate appliances for your custom build, it’s important to consider what’s best for your lifestyle. Cut utility bills by investing in smart home technology that allows you to control multiple appliances from a simple app. Whirlpool, Samsung, GE, and more offer different appliances, including washers and dryers, thermostats, dishwashers, fridges, etc., that allow you to send alerts about finished cycles and maintenance, start or stop appliances, as well as adjust or monitor appliance use. 

Accommodate Accessibility Needs

For those who require physical accomodations, smart home technologies are great options. With smart home technologies, you no longer have to get up to adjust the thermostat, refrigerator, door locks, or security systems because they can be remotely controlled from any device. 

Improve Security

Provide seamless security access with smart home technology. Using smart locks, garage door openers, security cameras, and more allows you to feel safe and secure wherever you are. With smart home technologies, you can be alerted about and grant or deny access to visitors. With smart home technologies, you can rest assured that the doors to your custom build are locked and secured–at home or away. 

Smart home technologies can elevate your custom build. With smart home technology, your appliances and home systems can adjust to your lifestyle, meaning your custom build grows with you and your lifestyle from the beginning until the end. 

At North Homes, we would love the opportunity to discuss your custom home dreams and help you seamlessly integrate smart home technologies into your custom build. Call today to schedule a meeting, or fill out our contact form to learn more.