Creating a color palette is one of the most important steps in designing your home with a custom home builder. Color sets the mood and communicates your personality; finding the right palette to fit you and your family sets the stage for every visitor that steps inside your home. 

There’s no better time to rethink your color palette than when you decide to make the investment in a new home by a custom home builder. However, even if a custom built home isn’t in your near future, you can still use the tips below to start planning and building your ideal color palette. Plus, you can give it a practice run in your current home before you invest in a brand new home. Below are five tips to help you get started. 

Start with observations

Making simple observations is a great way to get started on your color palette. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What is your favorite color? Are there colors that you gravitate toward or combinations that you repeat often? 
  •  Are there any large pieces of furniture or art that you won’t ever give up? What colors are in those pieces? What color flooring do you prefer? 
  •  Look through your closet. What colors do you repeat? Are there any you avoid?

Steer clear of trends

Trends are trends for a reason—eventually, they go out of style. If you’re starting from scratch to build your color palette, trends can be a good place to gather information. Just don’t settle for a trendy color palette without doing the work of making sure that it’s one that actually fits you.

Research similar homes

If you’re creating a new color palette, we’re guessing that you’re either getting ready to invest in a new home from a custom home builder or at least have a dream option in mind. So take some time to research similar homes—what color palettes fit those styles? Browse through features online or go for a long drive on a Sunday afternoon and check out what’s in your own backyard.

Expand your palette

Not every room in your home has to look the same. That’s why you want 3-5 colors in your color palette so that you can create a flow from one room to the next without having to repeat the exact use of each color.

Use a professional

When in doubt, lean on someone who has professional experience developing color palettes. You can use a designer or decorator in whatever capacity you need— helping you create the full palette from scratch or verifying your finished palette. North Homes has an interior designer on staff to assist in creating your palette. 

If you want to design a custom built home in Boone county, or the surrounding counties we can help you get started, beginning with a color palette that’s a perfect fit for you and your family. Start your journey with a custom home builder today by requesting a free consultation with our team of experts here at North Homes. Call us at 765-482-2444 or request information here.